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Sunny Island SI8.0H-13 battery inverter cluster with Sunny Boy 6 grid inverters
  • Professional grade solutions. Single phase or three-phase.
  • A redundant, powerful battery inverter system, tailored to support your maximum peak demand  for the time you need, creates  a  230VAC/50Hz private grid and it controls the grid inverters, which supply photovoltaic power  power to your private grid.
  • Complimentary devices as wind and diesel generators add extra-power.

The picture on the left shows a cluster of three SMA Sunny Island 8.0H-13 and two SMA Sunny Boy 6 , wired in single phase.  This system is fed by a 10.5KW PV array (LG Neon2 350W PV solar modules) and combined to a stack of four 15.4KWH BYD LiFePO4 batteries (not pictured, the batteries are just below the inverters, in their metal enclosures). 

On Fraser Island, this system allows  10-12 people to live comfortably in 3  large apartments  without the support of the diesel generator for the most of the year.