We are LoRaWan software developers

In Australia, LoRa (Long Range) is a new radio protocol developed by Semtech based on the free 915 Mhz band. This frequency can reach 10-15 Km distances in straight line, and 500-800 metres in urbanized areas. Gateways can be shared, creating a very capillary net. Repeaters are inexpensive to buy and operate.  Energy requirements are very small. The ideal deployment of LoRa is in radio-sensors applications. There are hundreds of applications. LORAWAN is a data message exchange protocol, usually based on open source platforms. These platforms can be very powerful, relatively inexpensive and extremely useful.

Private LoRaWAN applications (example: monitoring water levels, moist, gases, pressures, intrusion detection, light, sound with programmable sensors that transmit data to a remote server and can also display messages, play sounds, operate relays and actuators. Note: in these applications, data transfers are limited. The direction of data is from sensors to web server. The web server is also an application server. It can send text messages and emails. Full LoRaWAN applications include all what is offered by a private LoRaWAN application, which fully complies with the formal LORAWAN interoperability standard. This means sensors interacting with full LORAWAN servers to upload and download data using LORAWAN networks. In some applications, sensors can receive commands from the application servers.