We try to do our best by selecting high quality, high performance, high density PV solar modules carrying from 15 to  25 years warranty and inverters carrying from 5 to 20 year warranty.

We entered the PV solar market in 2009. We had opportunity to see in action almost all PV solar modules traded in Australia.

We sell  only products manufactured by well established manufacturers not only offering the best quality and performances but also credible warranties on their products.

In 2022-2023 we propose to our customers Hyundai and Trina PV solar modules, which are in our opinion cost-effective and carry credible warranties by their manufacturers.   

We retail  SMA inverters and SMA EV Chargers. SMA is market leader in grid and off-grid inverters from small inverters to MW size inverters.

Concerning batteries, we specialize in BYD LiFePo4 batteries from few kilowatt hours storage to megawatt hours capacity.   

In offering our solutions we are completely transparent in telling our customers about real performances,  returns and costs. We follow up installations and we do our best to support our customers.

We are not just hardware retailers. Our solutions are complete solutions inclusive of  design, hardware, installation, network integration, documentation and reporting. 

We project manage and commission systems using internal resources. Physical installations are delivered under our direct on site supervision through our network of local contractors in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.



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