• One pilot with specialist knowledge in energy infrastructure,  ICT,  sensors and environment.      
  • Accreditation for multirotor drones up to 25 KG MTOW and AROC.
  • Availability for S & R and Emergencies 24H/24H, 7×7.
  • 8K/4K  technical photography in the visible spectrum and  640 x 512 pixel thermography in the invisible with a directly owned Autel EVO Dual 640T RTK V3 drone.
  • Services requiring different types of drones,  cameras and LIDAR are delivered by hiring  the hardware  from a Third Party.
  • Concerning strategic assets remote monitoring and protection with drones, we have the technical knowledge required to  develop  ICT infrastructure and  related legal-technical documentation.
  • Based in SE Queensland, we  normally support daily missions  from Gympie to north New England and from Cleveland to Toowoomba. Given sufficient time to plan a mission in far regions of Australia, we can reach the Queensland’s outback and more in general all Australia with an extended team of up to 4 pilots, four drones and an off-road truck with satellite link.

Where viable, drone services cost a fraction of manned aircraft services.

We are a company of minded and dedicated professionals, who can supply the drone service you need.

Our motto is: “Competence, Dedication, Integrity and Safety”.