• Inspection and testing of  PV solar systems, inclusive of infrared photography and technical reports 
  • Basic cleaning with water and -only when needed- a mild detergent
  • Advanced cleaning with organic solvent and nano-coating of old panels’ glass to restore some of the lost self-cleaning ability
  • Electrical fixes and system expansions
  • Internet connection of  systems based on SMA inverters and remote operation

Dust deposition may reduce the PV solar output from 10% up.

Electrical damage silently affect a substantial number of PV solar panels.

 We usually find cracked cells, moist penetration, unsafe connectors, lichens, bird droppings and dirt on panels that have never been maintained.

At the end of our visual inspection and cleaning activity, good quality panels are returned to an optimal working condition. Faulty panels are identified and we can replace them if asked to by their owner.

The nanomaterials we use to coat the glass of the PV solar modules  improve the surface hydrophobicity and create a microscopic film that reduce the adhesion of dirt and bird droppings. This film may last 3-5 years before completely dissolving.