Power Quality and Energy

A better power quality for a higher energy efficiency at the lowest electricity prices .

Energy Dynamics is an electrical contractor equipped with the most advanced data logging systems (Fluke 435 II). We use data loggers to collect and analyse the power data of our customers to understand the characteristics of economic and technical variables such the loads dynamics, the energy usage and the quality of their power supply. Depending on the scope of the activity we offer different levels of detail and we cross the information collected through the data loggers with other important pieces of information such the power bills data and the inventory of the electrical appliances. We often discover hidden root causes of unnecessary excess usage and consequent financial losses that can be prevented. Once all relevant power data are known, we propose the most cost effective technical solutions which range from power conditioning tools to LEDs, PV solar generators, thermo-solar systems (hot water) and new electricity supply contracts that better suit the typology of our customers. What is the financial benefit of working with us? First, being energy brokers -the best energy brokers- we can reset your power bill on electricity prices of three years ago. Finally, we can propose financially viable solutions that will substantially reduce your usage where a conservative prediction is 15%-20% and the best prediction is 75% reduction. We can work for your organisation in the role of energy consultants as well as global suppliers.