Commercial Solutions

Energy Dynamics' commercial solutions offer the maximum return on investment at the lowest risk.

Improving power quality, reducing the demand by the deployment of energy efficient devices, smart buildings and generating power from renewables sources are our areas of expertise. We are a customer oriented organisation and we are energy brokers for one of the most competitive electricity retailers. We analyse your real energy requirements and identify the most cost-effective global solution to reduce your electricity cost. We also have advanced solutions based on cogeneration systems that use a combination of sun, wind, geothermal energy, batteries and fuels of different type to generate electricity, store it or convert it into another storable form that can be efficiently reconverted into electricity, heat or cold when needed. Products are manufactured in Europe and Japan by financially and technologically successful companies of multinational dimension: Kyocera and SMA represent our top offer. We are direct importers of Kyocera products. All our premium products we receive are compliant with the highest quality standards and they are TUV certified. We have also alternative solutions based on good quality PV solar modules made in China. These are reliable products characterised by more aggressive prices. Energy Dynamics has high ethic standards. We are certain that all products will perform according to warranty contracts or better. We provide our customers with remote maintenance, on site operation and maintenance services. Project Managers and installers have more than 15 years experience in the delivery of technology projects within an ISO 9001-9002 quality framework. The cost of our turn-key solutions may appear slightly higher than other solutions; however, it is definitely more competitive because superior quality always pays back more and our offer does not conceal any hidden cost. We are the ideal suppliers for buyers who base their financial success on rational investment decisions and have the highest expectations in terms of sale ethics, level of service and long-term reliability of their suppliers.